As you might have noticed, some weeks I have a go at flash fiction at Charli Mills’ Carrot Ranch. Flash fiction is simply small itty bits of writing that tell some sort of story. Generally it varies from 50-500 words. There are a few rules like not being offensive but otherwise it is open to absolutely anyone who wants to have a go.
There are a fair few of us who have been doing so for a couple of years and we make up

The Congress of Rough Writers.roughwriters_map2_jan121
This week’s flash fiction prompt over at the Carrot Ranch is written by me. Charli’s busy trying to find somewhere to live amongst all the other commitments she has on, so I’ve snuck a guest post in over there to help out.
The way our chief buckeroo keeps up with output and replying to comments has many of us suspecting she has a few clones wondering around her patch of Idaho, so I’m on edge trying to keep up appearances.
If you want a chance to have a go at something different just this once and help me out, please pop over and have a go at 99 words of made-up stuff. You do not need to call yourself a writer or qualify in any way. It’s just supposed to be fun.

And I’m asking because the prompt is about asking for or offering to help.

Please click here  😎