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How to worm a cat, Flash Fiction and other ways to tackle Perfectionism.

book-cover-with-5-stars2Welcome to my stop on the Rough Writers Tour Around the World as we launch the first flash fiction anthology from the Carrot Ranch on-line literary community. If you’re new here, you might be wondering why a memoir writer is peddling flash fiction? And we’ll get onto that, Continue reading “How to worm a cat, Flash Fiction and other ways to tackle Perfectionism.”

Spring-Clean, Declutter. Make way for Creativity.

Quick! It’s time for a mad tidy up around here. We need the place spick and span because next week it’s my turn to host the Rough Writers Tour Continue reading “Spring-Clean, Declutter. Make way for Creativity.”

Fiona Buxton

I was very sad to learn Fiona Buxton died yesterday following her courageous battle with cancer.

Fiona shared a small part of her story in January in a fabulous post, Diagnosis: From Despair to New Life.

Testimony to how the internet can bring people together, Fiona and I were the only people we each knew, with a particular rare form of endometrial cancer. We never met in person but for several months enjoyed talking over cups of herbal tea via Skype, dressed in our sometimes messy and always comfortable clothes, bemoaning how we couldn’t have a fat slice of cake to go with it!

She has touched many lives throughout hers and mine all too briefly.  I will always be inspired by her humour, determination and her willingness to face every turn with an open mind.


My heart goes out to her husband and children.


The Funny Challenge of Rik Mayall and Misogyny

Rik Mayall in 2004 at the UK Film Premiere in London of the classic novel by Jules Verne "Around The World In 80 Days". (Photo by Steve Finn/Getty Images)
Rik Mayall in 2004 at the UK Film Premiere in London of the classic novel by Jules Verne “Around The World In 80 Days”. (Photo by Steve Finn/Getty Images)

Continue reading “The Funny Challenge of Rik Mayall and Misogyny”

Will Exercise and Breaks Enhance Your Creativity?

Substitute rain for snow and Sherrey may well have been addressing me directly here! With the incredible wet run we’ve had in the UK, I have avoided getting out for a regular walk round the block for several weeks and apart from now feeling a bit lardy, my back is playing up and preventing me from sitting altogether – hence my silence and time to share another’s words of wisdom. Continue reading “Will Exercise and Breaks Enhance Your Creativity?”

Blogging about nothing


Don’t worry – I won’t ! No obvious topic sprang to mind and I’ve been happily wrapped up writing a book, which is what this is all about anyway. So, today’s a day for a Continue reading “Blogging about nothing”

Luck of the Draw

Luck of the drawWith those wonderful intentions of making someone else’s day, Max and his friend Harrison took off into town – on borrowed bikes – to buy a few things to make Charlie’s birthday special. Descending a hill, then Continue reading “Luck of the Draw”

Guest blog: Diagnosis – from despair to new life

Last week, I looked at online communities and the special meetings and connections they can bring. This week I’m pleased to introduce my first guest blog written by Fiona Buxton who I met on-line. She is currently dealing with the same rare cancer I had – high grade Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma – and takes a look at her journey from the shock of the initial diagnosis to how she has learned to deal with her situation. 


…..‘In the womb, the lungs and in the bones. And because of that it is incurable. And will be significantly life shortening.’

Continue reading “Guest blog: Diagnosis – from despair to new life”

Grandmother’s Footsteps

Grandmother's FootstepsThis bureau was given to my grandmother, Cicely Greenbank in 1930. It was a present bought by colleagues when she left work – as convention required – before getting married. She was a capable woman who quietly bore the frustration of loss of camaraderie and mental exercise, though not without a few sharp quips or advice to ‘make the most of my opportunities’ when out of my grandfather’s earshot!

It’s only looking back I can appreciate how Continue reading “Grandmother’s Footsteps”

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