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Blog Lite – Trying to get the Balance Right

Bad backs make for boring blog posts but a mention is necessary to explain why I haven’t posted for 7 months. Another reason was Continue reading “Blog Lite – Trying to get the Balance Right”

Bite Size Memoir – Interviews

What does the word ‘interview’ conjure up for you? Are butterflies taking flight somewhere inside or are you excitedly hunting out your lucky pants?! Continue reading “Bite Size Memoir – Interviews”

Bite Size Memoir – It Made My Day

It seems no matter how light-hearted an intention I have with these memoir prompts, there’s always a little thread somewhere that unravels something deeper Continue reading “Bite Size Memoir – It Made My Day”

Bite Size Memoir “Bad Hair Day”

Well, wouldn’t you know it. Just when I stop compiling responses to bite size prompts, I get the most humbling and honest, soul-bearing collection of responses from strong and courageous survivors (along with a trapped testicle from Geoff, which is – well – uncatagorizable! But I think he too, survived..) Continue reading “Bite Size Memoir “Bad Hair Day””

Bite Size Memoir: Crazy!

I’m on the crazy theme this week with my Bite Size Memoir. Changing my habits and routines and stuffing my calendar is working well for the writing, (though I’m feeling a bit bonkers at times.) I’m hardly prolific but I’m making more progress and learning to value that. Continue reading “Bite Size Memoir: Crazy!”

How do I know what I think till I read what I write?

Bite Size Memoir Challenge is back!

I would love to inspire you to write up a few memories or self explorations in small, manageable bites. This post goes on to explain why (and how), with a roundabout exploration of E.M. Forster’s ubiquitous quote: “How do I know what I think until I see what I say?” along with my own recent experience writing a bite sized memoir concerning a rather hungry caterpillar. Continue reading “How do I know what I think till I read what I write?”

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