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How to worm a cat, Flash Fiction and other ways to tackle Perfectionism.

book-cover-with-5-stars2Welcome to my stop on the Rough Writers Tour Around the World as we launch the first flash fiction anthology from the Carrot Ranch on-line literary community. If you’re new here, you might be wondering why a memoir writer is peddling flash fiction? And we’ll get onto that, Continue reading “How to worm a cat, Flash Fiction and other ways to tackle Perfectionism.”

Writer Driven by Distraction

DougalSome days I’m not even as sharp as Dougal on Father Ted and as my attention wanders, as I lose my keys, glasses, train of thought, I wonder whether to accept it as simple signs of middle-aging.. Continue reading “Writer Driven by Distraction”

Resolutions, Routine and Rebellion

Lisa Reiter Resolutions, Routine and RebellionForgive me reader, for it is more than three weeks since my last confession blog and the pressure to produce something is growing, despite a promise to be kind to myself and another pact I made silently – not to bore you with drivalous self-obsessed rantings. Ah, well.. Continue reading “Resolutions, Routine and Rebellion”

Solving the Problem of Goals and Targets (Part 1)

Lisa Reiter Terminal Cancer Survivor The Problem of Goals

When I first met my publisher, he casually enquired how many words I was writing. That week I’d written around 6,000 words.

“Great! At that rate, you could have a first draft finished in 12 weeks!”

Well, yes I could! And that sudden Continue reading “Solving the Problem of Goals and Targets (Part 1)”

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