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Flash Fiction “Come out! Come out! Wherever you are”

Come on out, come on – it’ll be ok. I promise it will.
What if they don’t like us?
What if that doesn’t matter?
What if we’re wrong?
How can you be wrong?
What if we’re bad?
You’re not bad, how
can you be bad?
Some people might think Continue reading “Flash Fiction “Come out! Come out! Wherever you are””

Memoir Monday

I’ve been aware of steadily building to a ‘writing crisis’ for over a year now. It reached a horrible crescendo over the New Year and I was close to building a great big bonfire and walking away from 80,00 words which seem to have a gravity all of their own, dragging me back to misery even when I don’t open the document to work on it. It’s always there.

The biggest part of the problem has been deciding what my book is about: It’s about cancer but that’s only initially. It’s about survival but where does that start Continue reading “Memoir Monday”

Organising Chaos – Scrivener for the Scatterbrained

I have notebooks everywhere. And loads of notes.

When I say everywhere, I mean Continue reading “Organising Chaos – Scrivener for the Scatterbrained”

What does Survivorship look like?

Theoretically, I’m on the home-straight with the big memoir project, but rather than gather speed towards the end, I’ve been grinding to a near halt, struggling with exactly what that ending is. In fact Never Ending Story might be a good Continue reading “What does Survivorship look like?”

Ask a busy woman, or Organising my writing

“Someone, somewhere needs the next page

of your book now!”


My friend Rachel tossed me this motivator a while ago now. I was discussing the difficulties of writing my memoir.

Since school went back, I’m focusing on finishing it. It is the ‘work’ goal / theme – This doesn’t mean I will ever manage to sit down and write for 6 or 7 hours a day. Some writing of memoir is about coming to terms with the stuff you’re trying to get on the page. It takes shape, reforms or Continue reading “Ask a busy woman, or Organising my writing”

Busy Summer

The summer always looked busy with virtually every weekend booked until mid September, including various celebrations for Simon’s 50th and planning for a holiday of a lifetime to Sri Lanka.

I’d be in danger of enjoying myself if I was also able to attend to everything else that is going on! Continue reading “Busy Summer”

My Writing Process

Wriring Process Blog HopA big thank you to Irene Waters in Australia who has kindly invited me to take part in a “Writing Process Blog Hop” – This particular hop aims to get writers to share some of their thoughts and ways of working around their writing. Continue reading “My Writing Process”

Introducing the Bite-Size Memoir Challenge

You know what?! Having a mind like a tombola (even with the door open) is sometimes a good thing – out pop thoughts, emotions and experiences that seem unconnected but when they land simultaneously, I sometimes spot the something that pulls them all together. Elephant-Coloring-Pages14

I already had a blog piece sketched out for this week, based around fitting changes into your life bit by bit, (‘bird by bird’ for any writers) or for everyone else – “When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time”  Continue reading “Introducing the Bite-Size Memoir Challenge”

Flash Fiction “Seth”

I look at life through an ever changing Kaleidoscope and can’t settle in one groove for long! By now, regular readers have worked out that I am easily distracted by something new. My Mum would remind me that as a child, I was always “bored”  on top of which I can’t resist a challenge. So, apologies to any followers of this blog if you hoped I might have a consistent ‘theme’ or message but I’m driven by novelty and curiosity and couldn’t resist this: Continue reading “Flash Fiction “Seth””

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