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#WeekendCoffeeShare 9th April 2016

If we were having coffee together I’d already be distracted, trying to lay my hands on the pieces of paper with the first half of this post on. I’d tell you how I’ve enjoyed the sheer ‘ordinariness’ reading similar posts of Irene Waters as she updates followers with household exploits, puppy training and writing updates. #WeekendCoffeeShare is hosted by Diana over at Part Time Monster – I like the easy, chatty way of it, so I’d started a few notes at the beginning of the week – almost a diary, but as we’re having coffee in public, Continue reading “#WeekendCoffeeShare 9th April 2016”

What does your Bio need, apart from a Whiff of Cheese?!

I’ve been stalling writing a bio for the Carrot Ranch Congress of Rough Writers for weeks and weeks – a couple of posts on what makes me a writer were very useful Continue reading “What does your Bio need, apart from a Whiff of Cheese?!”

Flash Fiction “Knowledge is Power”

“Whatever you think best Mrs Webster.”

Surely she should feel empowered? She was finally being asked to Continue reading “Flash Fiction “Knowledge is Power””

Flash Fiction “Once Upon a Time..”

Once upon a time a memoirist got all confused about a flash fiction prompt requiring a fairy tale ending. In real life, it seemed they hardly ever came along. Continue reading “Flash Fiction “Once Upon a Time..””

Bite Size Memoir “Bad Hair Day”

Well, wouldn’t you know it. Just when I stop compiling responses to bite size prompts, I get the most humbling and honest, soul-bearing collection of responses from strong and courageous survivors (along with a trapped testicle from Geoff, which is – well – uncatagorizable! But I think he too, survived..) Continue reading “Bite Size Memoir “Bad Hair Day””

Wordless Wednesday: Crazy Jack

Awwww-Can-you-say-no-to-this-cute-face-33-captain-jack-sparrow-31736642-500-300 IMG_2128ymoviesblog-617027335-1305843351IMG_2119IMG_2120IMG_2122 Continue reading “Wordless Wednesday: Crazy Jack”

The Funny Challenge of Rik Mayall and Misogyny

Rik Mayall in 2004 at the UK Film Premiere in London of the classic novel by Jules Verne "Around The World In 80 Days". (Photo by Steve Finn/Getty Images)
Rik Mayall in 2004 at the UK Film Premiere in London of the classic novel by Jules Verne “Around The World In 80 Days”. (Photo by Steve Finn/Getty Images)

Continue reading “The Funny Challenge of Rik Mayall and Misogyny”

Jinks and Japes

We’ve had all sorts of responses to this weeks prompt of “Jinks and Japes” and many reminders of the different perspectives and experiences we’ve each had growing up. Geoff had me on a fruitless search of my local high street, for Garibaldis – to both remind myself of a squashed fly biscuit and inform you guys over the pond! Continue reading “Jinks and Japes”

Bite Size Memoir No.2 “Jinks and Japes”

Bite size memoir is designed to help anyone record some personal memoir in small manageable bites. There’s a prompt every week and some constraints to keep it small (with full details at the bottom of this post). To catch up on how it started, please read here. If you have your own blog and want to participate, please feel free to incorporate links to and from your post to encourage readers to blog hop.

This week’s prompt is Jinks and Japes. (This closed now, but you can read the compilation of responses here) Continue reading “Bite Size Memoir No.2 “Jinks and Japes””

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