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How to worm a cat, Flash Fiction and other ways to tackle Perfectionism.

book-cover-with-5-stars2Welcome to my stop on the Rough Writers Tour Around the World as we launch the first flash fiction anthology from the Carrot Ranch on-line literary community. If you’re new here, you might be wondering why a memoir writer is peddling flash fiction? And we’ll get onto that, Continue reading “How to worm a cat, Flash Fiction and other ways to tackle Perfectionism.”

Memoir Monday

I’ve been aware of steadily building to a ‘writing crisis’ for over a year now. It reached a horrible crescendo over the New Year and I was close to building a great big bonfire and walking away from 80,00 words which seem to have a gravity all of their own, dragging me back to misery even when I don’t open the document to work on it. It’s always there.

The biggest part of the problem has been deciding what my book is about: It’s about cancer but that’s only initially. It’s about survival but where does that start Continue reading “Memoir Monday”

How to Post Photos in Blog Comments


This post may not interest anyone who isn’t a WordPress blog user. Continue reading “How to Post Photos in Blog Comments”

Creating Links within a WordPress Post


This post may not interest anyone who isn’t a novice WordPress blog user.

It’s a special bit of help for the token bloke in my sad little on-line world. The rest of you can find a nice magazine for a while. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with something a bit more interesting! Continue reading “Creating Links within a WordPress Post”

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