I’ve been writing this memoir for a number of years now. I feel some sort of end is in sight but the writing is a lonely process. As of April 2016 I am embarking on a 3 month course to help writers of autobiographical material with a ‘work in progress’. I thought sharing some excerpts would both help me and perhaps other memoir writers. I find a lack of discussion around real material on-line and the big memoir websites a little too generic at this stage in my writing.

Please do comment. I intend to ask specific questions about anything I post here and am not asking for a free-for-all on editing suggestions nor for any promotions.

Marks out of 10 are often an adequate gauge of gut reaction – even if you can’t express why, so please go ahead. If there’s consensus something isn’t working, I’ll want to work on it!

All work is still in draft form and subject to copywrite. Please see below.


Thank you


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