Hello and welcome to this blog which I am increasingly rubbish at appearing on. I’m still writing my story of surviving cancer and the aftermath that follows. My sit-down-at-the-desk time is a bit limited by a bad back and terrible distractability so I limit my blogging now to infrequent hellos.

You’ll occasionally find me wittering (and twittering @Lisa_Reiter ) about everything from writing to life in general, from cancer and memory to psychology  – some with humour, some not. A little peak at my cats, other interests and probable weirdness can be found on Instagram. I’m a scatterbrain working hard with tags and categories to help both you and me make sense of it.

My Story

In 2000, aged 34, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer (Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma) and given less than 6 months to live. After floundering around getting my head around cancer not being as curable as the adverts of the time were suggesting, I delved into an unknown and at the time, uncomfortable world of ‘alternative’ therapies.

I did just about everything. Something worked and I’m still here –  My oncologist said at one point, I’m ‘an experiment of one’ (which means no scientist would like to draw conclusions!) However, I am far from alone in getting success from looking to mind, body and diet to help my body to do its own healing. I’m not on here to preach about all that though. I think it’s important people find their own path and after 15+ years of surviving surviving, I have an evolving perspective on many things.

Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to share your thoughts below.


Photo credits: I take many of my own photos. But the more professional looking ones might come from one of these sites. They provide free stock without the need for attribution but thank you anyway!

Death to the Stock Photo

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