Hello and welcome to this blog which keeps me in contact with the outside world while I write my story of surviving cancer and the aftermath that follows.

You’ll find me wittering (and now twittering @Lisa_Reiter) about everything from my writing and its inspiration (and procrastination) to life in general, from cancer and memory related topics to psychology and writing – some with humour, some not. I’m working hard with tags and categories to help both you and me make sense of it !

My Story

In 2000, aged 34, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer (Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma) and given less than 6 months to live. After floundering around getting my head around cancer not being as curable as the adverts of the time were suggesting, I delved into an unknown and at the time, uncomfortable world of ‘alternative’ therapies.

I did just about everything! Something worked and I’m still here –  My oncologist said at one point, I’m ‘an experiment of one’ (which means no scientist would like to draw conclusions!) However, I am far from alone in getting success from looking to mind, body and diet to help my body to do its own healing. I’m not on here to preach about all that though. I think it’s important people find their own path and after 15 years of surviving surviving, I have an evolving perspective on many things.

However – for those of you who want a bit more on all that, here’s a very brief idea..


I had great success with visualisation and positive affirmations before finding the responsibility a bit overwhelming and uncertain. I turned to a nutritional therapy as something I could tick off as right or wrong, every day and spent 18 months torturing myself on a diet largely consisting of brown rice, vegetables and juices.

If you’re searching for answers to a health issue, food and exercise are of course important, but please don’t forget the power your thinking has over your body chemistry. I only touch on these things in this blog – and in relation to my constant battle to ‘fit them in’ – but I urge you to explore things like visualisation and mindfulness and the notion that you should ‘act as if’ whatever it is that you want, is so. Scientific exploration of these things is in its infancy largely because we’ve only recently developed ways of studying them and I suspect, because there’s no real commercial driver for things we could do to help ourselves. I think the proof will come – but we don’t all have time to wait for it.


Since successfully dealing with PTSD around 2008, resulting from years of thinking “I’m going to die”, I went on to study an MSc in Memory and Its Disorders. Memory is a fascinating and fallible thing and our thinking style influences what we remember and how we remember it.

I’m a qualified coach and was pursuing coaching psychology until spring of 2013 –  thinking I needed a ‘proper job‘ to prove life was back on track, when the loss of three friends to cancer, reminded me again that time can sometimes be surprisingly foreshortened. Writing my story is No.1 on my bucket list – so I’m on it!


I’d had plenty of prompting and support to get on with it (and had already collected around 15,000 words of musings) and then someone introduced me to an encouraging publisher, so I am finally getting the rest down on paper.

If I manage to inspire just one person to feel a bit more in control of their own battle, it will be worth it.

It’s worth it anyway because the unexpected icing on the cake has been the writing process itself. I love what it does for my thinking and understanding, and wish everyone else would take up a regular habit to experience the benefit! Memory and memoir are inextricably linked of course and it’s becoming ‘my thing’. So I hope you’ll have a look at my Bite Size Memoir Challenge and consider exploring, reminiscing and recording an essence of you.

Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to share your thoughts below.


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