Well, wouldn’t you know it. Just when I stop compiling responses to bite size prompts, I get the most humbling and honest, soul-bearing collection of responses from strong and courageous survivors (along with a trapped testicle from Geoff, which is – well – uncatagorizable! But I think he too, survived..)

If you haven’t followed the responses for “Crazy“, please pop by and follow the links in the comments section from my amazing participants. Thank you every one of you.

For some light relief and because it is fast approaching half term, I’m trying a photo post to respond to my prompt for this fortnight (that’s ‘two weeks’ for you you across the water). I’m not sure if you will find you can post a photo directly in my comments section – But I know I can. So if you don’t have your own blog to link back to, please request some help in the comments and I’ll contact you privately to collect any offerings and sort out the pasting of them here for you!

Before straighteners, and lovely de-frizzing styling products, I used to desperately try new ways of styling my hair to do something – anything – with wayward waves that weren’t quite curls. I’ve made the mistake of corkscrew perms, crimpers, mashed avocado (to smooth..) and sleeping with knickers on my head (to keep my fringe straight.. dur!)

Occasionally I would fancy I looked a bit like Farah Fawcett Major as I tried the 80’s big bouncy styles..Farrah-Fawcett-720x340


..but tragically, NOT!


I’d love to see your pictures or hear some bites on the prompt Bad Hair Day !

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Deadline Monday 3rd November.