It seems no matter how light-hearted an intention I have with these memoir prompts, there’s always a little thread somewhere that unravels something deeper within some of you.

Darth Vader was unimpressed..

Bad Hair Day produced some fabulous laugh out loud – and I mean scare-the-cat-from-a-dead-to-the-world-sleep, out-loud laughs – with photographs of awkward teens and would-be-adult hairdos in the frightful fashions of times gone by.

Aside from the laughter, we’ve had discussions on how hair can shape and almost make or break who you are. How for instance, having red or frizzy hair makes for difference that others either make fun or legend of. In our early years often strive to fit in, so ‘distinctive’ hair can have quite a negative impact. Hair, it seems can determine confidence and identity.

Anyway, on to the next Bite Size Challenge. What will you make of this my lovelies?! I’m striving for the positive prompt. I know some of you are itching to get to death and betrayal but we need not necessarily go there to discover who we are through memoir!

I suspect I’ve failed again as a number of recent events have had me exploring survivorship what it means to me. Of course, survivorship implies a positive but only in the light of something sad or frightening which must also be revealed for context. I’m still amazed at how writing memoir enables and accelerates that process in itself. One small incident at the weekend started me off on the trail with this prompt only to take me to yesterday’s post and possibly the end of my book. How does that happen? I have had the most uplifting and supportive comments which have absolutely made my day today. Funny that this all started in the summer with a simple laugh..

You know the rules! Here’s my 150 Words:

It Made My Day

It happened on holiday this summer. The foreign, forgotten sound of a proper laugh escaped my mouth. The noise of it surprised even me and I clamped my hand across grinning teeth and stretching lips. We’d seen white crabs scuttling into the waves so I was primed to jump out of my skin going into the sea. Screeching with fear and excitement as fish gently brushed against my toes and giggling like a silly schoolgirl – but the highlight of the day was seeing astonished joy light up someone else’s face.

Then only this weekend another little piece of me crept back. I wasn’t even trying when I found myself skipping comically through leaves, teasing, taunting and cleverly out-quipping the boys.

“What’s got into you?!” he laughed grabbing my hand and joining in.

And later over dinner “I really enjoyed this afternoon.”

I knew why and it made my day.

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