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Memoir Monday – Brief Update

Oh gosh. Busy times. Having failed to get a post out last week I find I’ve got all of 45 minutes left to me this Monday to Continue reading “Memoir Monday – Brief Update”

Memoir Monday – Perspectives

Last week I wrote about my latest plans to finish off my manuscript and tomorrow I embark on 11 weeks of “Advanced Autobiographical Writing” at London’s CityLit with Sherri Matthews.

I am so looking forward to meeting her at last!

Of course this past week should have been about final preparations and only half way through did I wonder how I came to volunteer a guest post and fiction prompt Continue reading “Memoir Monday – Perspectives”

You Are A Writer Because.. 7 Reasons Why You’re A Writer

Last week I was asking when does writing make you a writer? When should we feel comfortable saying it out loud? What makes the difference between a pastime and an Continue reading “You Are A Writer Because.. 7 Reasons Why You’re A Writer”

Laughing on bad hair days

IMG_1246These might be crap photos but I renounce perfectionism and anyway Katy has demanded more photos. (You should try saying ‘NO’ to her..)

The week before last, I felt a real urge to Continue reading “Laughing on bad hair days”

Luck of the Draw

Luck of the drawWith those wonderful intentions of making someone else’s day, Max and his friend Harrison took off into town – on borrowed bikes – to buy a few things to make Charlie’s birthday special. Descending a hill, then Continue reading “Luck of the Draw”

Not just any old chair

Here are my ‘boys’ Simon and Max, who have just managed to manoeuvre this chair out of a tight doorway, ready to take it to the tip.
I’m reeling a bit from the suddenness of the decision and the lack of ceremony getting rid of it.       I feel superstitious about it and not sure exactly why I have quietly hung on to it.

I’ve had this chair for thirteen years now.

I bought it to die in.

Continue reading “Not just any old chair”

Thank you for sharing

Wow! Since launching this blog last week, I have had an amazing flood of e-mails of support and encouragement from friends, family and generous unknown faces. I’ve heard stories from as far and wide as the USA and Australia. I’ve even had a few words of encouragement from other writers. It seems Continue reading “Thank you for sharing”

Keep me company, please.

Been there.. done some truly difficult stuff on my own because, well, who would understand? But you know what, someone to hold your hand or just be with you, even if they don’t see, hear and feel what you do, is still company.

In 2000 I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and thirteen years on Continue reading “Keep me company, please.”

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