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Memoir Monday: The Big Picture

A short while ago I thought it would be nice to share a weekly post about how the memoir writing was going.
I expected new focus from a course I’ve started and also perhaps writing exercises that would be interesting to share. Well.. It just isn’t turning out like that. Some aspects of the course are really valuable – the other writers and their writing, but unfortunately there’s been little instruction.


However, merely mentioning the idea of Memoir Monday set a couple of other excellent bloggers off on a path of providing a few lessons! If you’re also grappling with Continue reading “Memoir Monday: The Big Picture”


Memoir Monday – Brief Update

Oh gosh. Busy times. Having failed to get a post out last week I find I’ve got all of 45 minutes left to me this Monday to achieve something! Perfectionism —> out of the window!
I was lucky last week Irene took it upon herself to join in on-line. Having a community of other memoir writers seems to be key at this stage of trying to tidy a first draft into something resembling a coherent story. Irene wrote about the effect the narrative of a memoir has on the self – the “I” in the narrative and what this might mean to the purpose of the memoir.

Co-incidentally ‘purpose’ is the biggest issue I feel I am grappling with. What is the purpose of my book? Who is my intended reader? Continue reading “Memoir Monday – Brief Update”

Flash Fiction “Now the day is over”

She was certain she’d lost him. In her panic she’d taken a shortcut through the trees and managed to drop her water. Hours on, her mouth was dry.

Birds quietened, declaring the day over – not that it was for her yet. She had listened to footsteps – sometimes behind her, sometimes in front. They stopped when she stopped, perhaps mere echoes off the trees?  Perhaps not.

Certain she was nearly safe, she rounded the corner onto a path.

But now the day was over.

The water bottle dangled from a branch. She’d been running in circles.

And so had he.

This week Norah Colvin is helping out at the Carrot Ranch with a guest post and the following flash fiction prompt.

April 20, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write about a circle in your life. Is it a supportive circle, or a circle that entraps you? What’s its significance? Take you where the prompt leads.

Apologies – Laid Low!

My apologies for anyone hoping to catch up with Memoir Monday today. I’ve had a crappy virus for 2 weeks now and whilst slowly recovering, it has been a doozy (and getting really boring now).

I now have a 101 things to catch up on and have had to let posting and comments slide. Normal service will be resumed soon!

Thank you for your patience

Lisa xx

A Helping Hand

After lending a hand at the Carrot Ranch this week, I thought I’d share the great variety of responses to this week’s flash fiction prompt.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

A Helping HandA character’s willingness to offer or receive help can show us something about personality, situation or history without the writer ‘telling’ the obvious about the fears, dilemmas, pride or compassion involved in the transaction.

Sometimes though, it becomes necessary to describe just that, so an unexpected response is understood.

This week, writers explored the offer of all manner of help in response to:

April 13th 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write about offering to help someone. What’s their situation? What’s yours? Do they think they need help? How is it received? Could you be misinterpreted?


Union City by denmaniacs4

The sun slunk low as we entered the simmering heart of Union City.

We proceeded to Henry Taylor’s Stable and dismounted.

“Aggie, I have a man to see…”

She looked at me anxiously.

“No,” I said, “not that man. Not yet.”

She nodded. “I have…

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Memoir Monday – Perspectives

Last week I wrote about my latest plans to finish off my manuscript and tomorrow I embark on 11 weeks of “Advanced Autobiographical Writing” at London’s CityLit with Sherri Matthews.

I am so looking forward to meeting her at last!

Of course this past week should have been about final preparations and only half way through did I wonder how I came to volunteer a guest post and fiction prompt Continue reading “Memoir Monday – Perspectives”

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