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How to worm a cat, Flash Fiction and other ways to tackle Perfectionism.

book-cover-with-5-stars2Welcome to my stop on the Rough Writers Tour Around the World as we launch the first flash fiction anthology from the Carrot Ranch on-line literary community. If you’re new here, you might be wondering why a memoir writer is peddling flash fiction? And we’ll get onto that, Continue reading “How to worm a cat, Flash Fiction and other ways to tackle Perfectionism.”

#WeekendCoffeeShare 9th April 2016

If we were having coffee together I’d already be distracted, trying to lay my hands on the pieces of paper with the first half of this post on. I’d tell you how I’ve enjoyed the sheer ‘ordinariness’ reading similar posts of Irene Waters as she updates followers with household exploits, puppy training and writing updates. #WeekendCoffeeShare is hosted by Diana over at Part Time Monster – I like the easy, chatty way of it, so I’d started a few notes at the beginning of the week – almost a diary, but as we’re having coffee in public, Continue reading “#WeekendCoffeeShare 9th April 2016”

Spreading Butterfly Light

butterfly-light-awardThank you, Irene Waters for nominating me for the Butterfly Light Award – This is a new award and feels a bit extra special as it’s about being a positive influence or spreading ‘the light’.

As per blog hop customs, there are some rules involving forward nominations of other people – To a possible infinite number of people.

However, to me this doesn’t feel like one to be dished out like candy and I’m focusing on just five folks who have Continue reading “Spreading Butterfly Light”

Embracing Variety

versatileblogger113I was honoured to receive a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award first from the lovely Norah Colvin and then because I’m late posting out my own nominations, a second time from Teagan Kearney !  Thank you Norah and Teagan – For someone who loves variety, this award feels particularly special, and exciting to pass onto some fantastic bloggers who have posts to suit my mood whenever I browse their blogs. Continue reading “Embracing Variety”

My Writing Process

Wriring Process Blog HopA big thank you to Irene Waters in Australia who has kindly invited me to take part in a “Writing Process Blog Hop” – This particular hop aims to get writers to share some of their thoughts and ways of working around their writing. Continue reading “My Writing Process”

Questions of Honour !

liebsterawardWell, I’d seen this blog award doing the rounds and read various posts with a mixture of awe and envy and at the end of them still wasn’t clear what it was all about! Nevertheless, when nominated by Teagan Kearney at Writing My Novel – No Working Title Yet to receive the Liebster Award, gladly collected it as a badge of honour and will soon have Max’s trumpet out attempting to parp in celebration!

💖 Thank you Teagan ! Forever in my heart for bestowing upon me, my first ever blogging award!

The origins of the award are lost in the mists of on-line time somewhere before 2010. Like a Chinese whisper, Continue reading “Questions of Honour !”

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