Come on out, come on – it’ll be ok. I promise it will.
What if they don’t like us?
What if that doesn’t matter?
What if we’re wrong?
How can you be wrong?
What if we’re bad?
You’re not bad, how
can you be bad?
Some people might think

we are.
They might, but does that really matter?
It would feel terrible.
And what would it feel like if you stayed in there?
And why?
Because someone might like us?
Because someone might need you.

And so the words came out, tumbling all over the page, just in case.


My take on the latest prompt from the Carrot Ranch – As ever, inspired by things on my mind!

April 6, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a response to an agoraphobic moment. Does your character see the shadows or the light filtering through? This can be used as a character trait or as a moment that causes an anxious reaction. Explore the character’s discomfort — embarrassment, indecision, feeling trapped. The scene can be direct or overheard. Is there a solution when fears are faced?