I almost daren’t post in case I’m tempting fate but it’s been a while and my back may finally be marginally more manageable. Last week I actually wrote a couple of things. And I miss you blogsters more than I thought I could.

Regular readers, twitter followers and friends know I’ve been struggling with back problems for a while. Nothing untoward shows on scans so I’ve been left trying to work through a few theories with a physiotherapist and a chiropractor. My major problem has been a crushing feeling in my lower back and coccyx which has prevented me sitting for long. My sacroiliac joints are regularly misaligned and the joints around L5 in my spine have been squashed.

The precipitating factors though, to this longer bout of more serious trouble, are probably a whole lot more sitting than usual for me than in the past decade coupled with decreasing levels of fitness. (Jeez! o_O What an awful sentence! Sorry there’s no time for perfectionism..)

It has been miserable not being able to write – I’ve been sleeping ok, so nowhere near the problems some people can have with a bad back, but enough discomfort going on for the past 2+ months to be a thought-distraction when trying to string words together on the page.

I will have to prioritise but think I can now manage to to say hello and post a quick update on a regular basis. Will you please forgive me if I just click ‘like’ to acknowledge any comments? Any of you bloggers will know that both the greatest benefit – as well as the greatest commitment to having a blog – is the response that posts can generate! Continuing the conversation is at times like having friends round for supper but I currently have only a couple hours in the day to be able to be at my desk and I need to write.

Only this weekend two people urged me to finish the book and then this morning I have yet another request for help through the Endometrial Stromal Sacoma support group on Yahoo. Fortunately in the autumn, I had been working on an information page to add to this blog so was able to send a draft for that in response (and cheekily ask for a bit of feedback as well.)

So, not pain free but getting a pattern going.

I hang regularly from this baby.. P1020611

I have invested in a Varidesk so I can stand to work or sit in an instant (OMG – It is wonderful)


and when I sit, I use a wedge shaped cushion with a divot taken out where my coccyx rests and I put this baby in the small of my back to keep a nice curve going.


I use electronic dude (TENS Machine) for pain management and an ice-pack from time to time.

I have upped my exercise, particularly walking and pilates. Anyone who has ever seen a health professional about a bad back knows that most back problems respond positively to greater muscularity and movement.
This little chap though is my best, best friend..

P1020616I roll around on him to reach the small muscles around my pelvis and in my backside which are usually screaming by the end of the day.. It’s not a pretty sight!

Until next time, thanks for standing by

Lisa ❤