I look at life through an ever changing Kaleidoscope and can’t settle in one groove for long! By now, regular readers have worked out that I am easily distracted by something new. My Mum would remind me that as a child, I was always “bored”  on top of which I can’t resist a challenge. So, apologies to any followers of this blog if you hoped I might have a consistent ‘theme’ or message but I’m driven by novelty and curiosity and couldn’t resist this:

Thank you to Anne Goodwin for the gentle push to have a go at Charli Mills 99 word Flash Challenge at Carrot Ranch Communications this week: “In 99 words (no more, no less) write a biography for a character, alter-ego or you.”

Deadline tomorrow hence the quick Bank Holiday diversion – A novel’s a long way off but I harbour fictional characters like Seth for later on..


Stooped and bowed, by both time and hard living, his florid, round 
face and rude countenance throw up barriers he wishes were not there
but like a caged animal, knows little else. 

Once a traveller, now he only journeys between pub and house - no 
longer much of a home since Helen left, except for the loyal, mangy 
Skip who barks at every passerby - claiming Seth as his pack. 

But he loves that dog and ruffles his coat roughly in greeting. Might 
be the only time you’ll see him smile but you’ll get a glimpse of a 
once warm man.

..And here’s what everyone else contributed