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My Writing Process

Wriring Process Blog HopA big thank you to Irene Waters in Australia who has kindly invited me to take part in a “Writing Process Blog Hop” – This particular hop aims to get writers to share some of their thoughts and ways of working around their writing. Continue reading “My Writing Process”

Introducing the Bite-Size Memoir Challenge

You know what?! Having a mind like a tombola (even with the door open) is sometimes a good thing – out pop thoughts, emotions and experiences that seem unconnected but when they land simultaneously, I sometimes spot the something that pulls them all together. Elephant-Coloring-Pages14

I already had a blog piece sketched out for this week, based around fitting changes into your life bit by bit, (‘bird by bird’ for any writers) or for everyone else – “When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time”  Continue reading “Introducing the Bite-Size Memoir Challenge”

Flash Fiction “Seth”

I look at life through an ever changing Kaleidoscope and can’t settle in one groove for long! By now, regular readers have worked out that I am easily distracted by something new. My Mum would remind me that as a child, I was always “bored”  on top of which I can’t resist a challenge. So, apologies to any followers of this blog if you hoped I might have a consistent ‘theme’ or message but I’m driven by novelty and curiosity and couldn’t resist this: Continue reading “Flash Fiction “Seth””

First 7 Days on Scrivener

My son recently described my mind as a tombola drum revolving with the door open. Lots of thoughts going round – no clue as to what was going to drop out next. He added something along the lines that all the ‘5’s and ‘0’s were gone – so no prizes left – but we can ignore that as ‘hilarious teenage humour’. Nevertheless, the analogy it’s regrettably a good observation that my thinking, whilst constant, is somewhat random and disorganised. Continue reading “First 7 Days on Scrivener”

Will Exercise and Breaks Enhance Your Creativity?

Substitute rain for snow and Sherrey may well have been addressing me directly here! With the incredible wet run we’ve had in the UK, I have avoided getting out for a regular walk round the block for several weeks and apart from now feeling a bit lardy, my back is playing up and preventing me from sitting altogether – hence my silence and time to share another’s words of wisdom. Continue reading “Will Exercise and Breaks Enhance Your Creativity?”

Blogging about nothing


Don’t worry – I won’t ! No obvious topic sprang to mind and I’ve been happily wrapped up writing a book, which is what this is all about anyway. So, today’s a day for a Continue reading “Blogging about nothing”

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