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Grandmother’s Footsteps

Grandmother's FootstepsThis bureau was given to my grandmother, Cicely Greenbank in 1930. It was a present bought by colleagues when she left work – as convention required – before getting married. She was a capable woman who quietly bore the frustration of loss of camaraderie and mental exercise, though not without a few sharp quips or advice to ‘make the most of my opportunities’ when out of my grandfather’s earshot!

It’s only looking back I can appreciate how Continue reading “Grandmother’s Footsteps”

What do I Say?

Its been a busy few weeks trying to get our downstairs decorated before Christmas and as ever, the run up to it seems more stressful than exciting.

I always seem to be packing too much in at this time of year and suspect there’s some association with that year when I was literally trying to pack my life into a few months.

It had me thinking of the families I know facing a particularly difficult Christmas this year and wondering Continue reading “What do I Say?”

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