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Flash Fiction “Something Other”

There was someone there, someone or something other, he thought. Keeping him company. Impossible to confirm a presence. Just a hint of companionship, like mist rising off a lake. Of the lake, but not a Continue reading “Flash Fiction “Something Other””

Flash Fiction “Knowledge is Power”

“Whatever you think best Mrs Webster.”

Surely she should feel empowered? She was finally being asked to Continue reading “Flash Fiction “Knowledge is Power””

Flash Fiction “Once Upon a Time..”

Once upon a time a memoirist got all confused about a flash fiction prompt requiring a fairy tale ending. In real life, it seemed they hardly ever came along. Continue reading “Flash Fiction “Once Upon a Time..””

Flash Fiction “Cottage Industry”

She’d worked hard all day. On her own as usual. Samuel had engineered it nicely, him rearing the beef and her processing it into fresh farm products sold at the butchers. A great cottage industry except Continue reading “Flash Fiction “Cottage Industry””

Flash Fiction “Anytime Soon”

Stephen Becker wasn’t a man to be rushed but then Alice wasn’t going to stand for indifference either. She looked back at all the laughs, the lively debates, shared Continue reading “Flash Fiction “Anytime Soon””

Flash Fiction “Amuser to a Muse”

Charli Mills flash fiction prompt at the Carrot Ranch this week is to pen something involving a muse. I’ve been busy invoking mine, writing other things and Charli has patiently given me leave from the Rough Writers as I juggle priorities. With a focus on writing about past and present truths at the moment, writing fiction has proved rather difficult here, demonstrating my need to flex this mental muscle with the following 99 Words. Continue reading “Flash Fiction “Amuser to a Muse””

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