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Ask a busy woman, or Organising my writing

“Someone, somewhere needs the next page

of your book now!”


My friend Rachel tossed me this motivator a while ago now. I was discussing the difficulties of writing my memoir.

Since school went back, I’m focusing on finishing it. It is the ‘work’ goal / theme – This doesn’t mean I will ever manage to sit down and write for 6 or 7 hours a day. Some writing of memoir is about coming to terms with the stuff you’re trying to get on the page. It takes shape, reforms or Continue reading “Ask a busy woman, or Organising my writing”

Goals or should that be Gaols?!

School’s back and as ever I have a mix of excitement and determination as another new year starts!  Not that I have been to school for some time, but I envy my son going off to join his lovely bunch of friends with the sense of a fresh start.

This feeling of new beginnings in September has been with me since I was about 12 or 13, but it also marks one of the first goals I set myself when struggling with ‘living’ with stage 4 cancer – I decided I would do everything and anything I could, to see that boy of mine start school at 5. As I mark off another year (and that precious boy turns 16 this term), I am aware that this Continue reading “Goals or should that be Gaols?!”

Bite Size Break

BITE SIZE MEMOIRBite Size Memoir is taking a break! The summer is a hectic time for many of us and I’m having a doozy of a time this year. Rather than do a bad or minimal job of managing your wonderful and personal contributions, I’ve decided it would be better to take a few weeks off whilst I take my own summer holiday, run myself ragged with the teenage taxi and a whole host of other ‘stuff’ too mundane to mention. Continue reading “Bite Size Break”

Busy Summer

The summer always looked busy with virtually every weekend booked until mid September, including various celebrations for Simon’s 50th and planning for a holiday of a lifetime to Sri Lanka.

I’d be in danger of enjoying myself if I was also able to attend to everything else that is going on! Continue reading “Busy Summer”

Holiday Reading

There are so many potentially wonderful reads in this week’s Bite Size compilation of Holiday Reads, I don’t quite know where to start, but my list of ‘books to get around to’ grows ever longer and more interesting:- We might have guessed we’d be mining a rich vein asking an audience, predominantly of writers and keen readers to see what memories popped up in relation to reading on holiday..

There’s everything from naming of daughters to being better than sex oozing out here, along with Continue reading “Holiday Reading”

Bite Size Memoir “Holiday Reads”

IMG_2266This week’s Bite Size Memoir Prompt is:

Holiday Reads

Do you read on holiday? If you do, what do you choose? Do you have a genre you prefer for those long, relaxed poolside word-marathons you don’t get chance for at home? Do you read about the places you visit? Perhaps you take a large and tricky tome, knowing it’s the best chance you’ll get this year to finish it! And do you remember the books you have read on holiday? Is there something your holiday reads say about you?

Continue reading “Bite Size Memoir “Holiday Reads””

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