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CHEMO BRAIN Part I: Is there any hope?

It’s 14 years since I received high doses of doxyrubicin and ifosfamide, along with two hormone interventions, for cancer. Unfortunately whilst the chemo wreaked havoc with my body – it didn’t touch the tumours and was stopped after 4 rounds. Aside from a total fog Continue reading “CHEMO BRAIN Part I: Is there any hope?”

Writer Driven by Distraction

DougalSome days I’m not even as sharp as Dougal on Father Ted and as my attention wanders, as I lose my keys, glasses, train of thought, I wonder whether to accept it as simple signs of middle-aging.. Continue reading “Writer Driven by Distraction”

Luck of the Draw

Luck of the drawWith those wonderful intentions of making someone else’s day, Max and his friend Harrison took off into town – on borrowed bikes – to buy a few things to make Charlie’s birthday special. Descending a hill, then Continue reading “Luck of the Draw”

Guest blog: Diagnosis – from despair to new life

Last week, I looked at online communities and the special meetings and connections they can bring. This week I’m pleased to introduce my first guest blog written by Fiona Buxton who I met on-line. She is currently dealing with the same rare cancer I had – high grade Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma – and takes a look at her journey from the shock of the initial diagnosis to how she has learned to deal with her situation. 


…..‘In the womb, the lungs and in the bones. And because of that it is incurable. And will be significantly life shortening.’

Continue reading “Guest blog: Diagnosis – from despair to new life”

Grandmother’s Footsteps

Grandmother's FootstepsThis bureau was given to my grandmother, Cicely Greenbank in 1930. It was a present bought by colleagues when she left work – as convention required – before getting married. She was a capable woman who quietly bore the frustration of loss of camaraderie and mental exercise, though not without a few sharp quips or advice to ‘make the most of my opportunities’ when out of my grandfather’s earshot!

It’s only looking back I can appreciate how Continue reading “Grandmother’s Footsteps”

A Day in the Life of a Middle-aged Neurotic Health Freak

Wake up naturally (to avoid tampering with circadian rhythms)

Attach pedometer

Rush downstairs as its a bit late to start the day – Take aloe vera and probiotics for gut health

Drink cup of green tea for polyphenol content

Back upstairs Continue reading “A Day in the Life of a Middle-aged Neurotic Health Freak”

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