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Holiday Reading

There are so many potentially wonderful reads in this week’s Bite Size compilation of Holiday Reads, I don’t quite know where to start, but my list of ‘books to get around to’ grows ever longer and more interesting:- We might have guessed we’d be mining a rich vein asking an audience, predominantly of writers and keen readers to see what memories popped up in relation to reading on holiday..

There’s everything from naming of daughters to being better than sex oozing out here, along with Continue reading “Holiday Reading”

Favourite Shakespeare’s Sonnets

imageTo cut a long story, very short Geoff Le Pard recently asked me which was my favourite of Shakepeare’s Sonnets. I grabbed my ‘Complete Works’ of the great bard to peruse them for the first time in a while. Still amidst the pages, were notes of a few I must have sought out in my early 20s – perhaps unoriginally to include in a love letter.

I didn’t have time to re-read all 154 to answer the question Continue reading “Favourite Shakespeare’s Sonnets”

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