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When does writing make you a Writer?

I’m on a train. I have 1,687 words of Scrivenings dumped into a Pages file to come up with this week’s blog post. I know is way too much – both for the reader and Continue reading “When does writing make you a Writer?”

Long or Short Posts? The Results are in!

The results are in!
– Along with a passionate trail of comments from committed readers bemoaning long and waffly posts! (Many from Norah Colvin who is now way out in front as the person who comments most on this blog! Norah I love you ❤️) Continue reading “Long or Short Posts? The Results are in!”

Long or Short Posts? A Quick Poll Please!

Why might post length matter?

Google recently changed its search algorithms Continue reading “Long or Short Posts? A Quick Poll Please!”

Blog Lite – Trying to get the Balance Right

Bad backs make for boring blog posts but a mention is necessary to explain why I haven’t posted for 7 months. Another reason was Continue reading “Blog Lite – Trying to get the Balance Right”

Stand and Deliver

I almost daren’t post in case I’m tempting fate but it’s been a while and my back may finally be marginally more manageable. Last week I actually wrote a couple of things. And Continue reading “Stand and Deliver”

How to Post Photos in Blog Comments


This post may not interest anyone who isn’t a WordPress blog user. Continue reading “How to Post Photos in Blog Comments”

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