Why might post length matter?

Google recently changed its search algorithms to favour longer blog posts – 2000 words or more.  This and other changes are aimed at improving the quality of our search results. The rational is that this helps us find detailed, meaningful content and less of the flimsy, soundbites.

So now Google is prioritising longer posts, do I want or need to start producing 2000 word posts to help my site’s profile?

There are rationales for long and short post-lengths but the behaviour of the casual reader on sites like mine, might be different from the masses heading to the large information and commercial sites. I’m therefore interested in you and your behaviours.

To avoid influencing anyone, I will save my views to discuss along with results in a follow up post.

Thank you!

Example Posts of varying Lengths

Short (230 words) 3 Reasons To Go Easy On New Year Resolutions

Medium (1041 words) What is a scene exactly?

Long (2762 words) CHEMO BRAIN Part III – Notes to Self

Here’s the poll.

Have a think about when you first come across a new blog post that’s of possible interest to you. All other things considered, please select the response that best fits your usual feelings about post length.