1. You’re setting yourself up to fail. Do you really need that? Again?! Research shows only 10-12% of people keep new year resolutions so unless you’re one of that weird minority, don’t create a false optimism that this year will be different. You’ll end up feeling a flop by March.
    2. You’re probably being selfish or at least too self-focused. I need to be thinner, fitter, faster, richer, blonder or whatever. Despite what common culture would have us believe these are not the keys to happiness. To be happy, research shows we need to be more outward focused. So if you need to make a resolution make the sort that practices small acts of kindness or spreads a bit of joy like smiling at people. If you absolutely must have a proper challenge for the new year, commit to remaining polite and charming even with the biggest idiots and egos you have to deal with.
    3. Finally, we’ve got the word all wrong! Resolution is derived from the latin resolvere meaning ‘loosen or release’. Let all that crap go about ‘should’, ‘ought’ and ‘need to’ at the start of this year. Give yourself a break for a change and whilst you’re not so busy beating yourself up you might be able to be a bit kinder, a bit more attentive to everyone else around you.

Wishing you all a healthy and hope-filled 2016

Lisa xxx