Charli Mills flash fiction prompt at the Carrot Ranch this week is to pen something involving a muse. I’ve been busy invoking mine, writing other things and Charli has patiently given me leave from the Rough Writers as I juggle priorities. With a focus on writing about past and present truths at the moment, writing fiction has proved rather difficult here, demonstrating my need to flex this mental muscle with the following 99 Words.

Impatient with her morning rituals

He calls. Encourages. Impatient to begin

Finally she lifts the steaming vessel; “Come on then!”

Glancing over his shoulder, checking she will keep up, he runs

Pushing impatiently at the door to see if it is open

Rushing to their station, delighting in her caress

Twining his limbs with hers and whispering adorations in her ear

Gently licking her fingers as they begin their work

She hugs him tight then yells at him to take his place!

From amuser to a muse

Feline scion of Mnemosyne and Zeus

Sith lord, both mouser and mousa


Forgive me! This turned out more of an exploration on the habits of someone I know but I couldn’t resist the prompt! Try as I might, I suspect you all saw the cat coming but it’s a nice excuse to share a few pictures of the dark lord of my workspace.


And mousa..

NOT from the urban dictionary, but from the Greek, literally meaning “art” or “poetry”. According to Pindar, to “carry a mousa” is “to excel in the arts”. The word probably derives from the Indo-European root men-, which is also the source of Greek Mnemosyne, English “mind”, “mental” and “memory” and Sanskrit “mantra”.


Darth in his ‘place’ – The cat bed I now have to keep on my desk
Waiting while I make coffee
Pushing the door open
On the desk, rubbing his face around my hands as soon as they go near the keyboard
Sometimes the bed won’t do and he climbs on my shoulders, purring like a nutter. See those claws? My shoulders are covered in scratches!