This week Charli’s Flash Fiction prompt over at the Carrot Ranch is:

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about exhaustion. Who is tired and why.

Time Enough

Looking into the slightly desperate amber eyes, she did her best to swallow some porridge.

“Is it ok, Grandma?”

“It’s delicious, love. I’ve just had enough.”

“Can I get you anything? Are you comfortable?”

“I’m fine” She sighed, “Just pop the telly on before you leave.”

“I thought I might stay with you today.”

“Oh, Alice, there’s really no need. I shan’t get up to much!”

“I know, I just feel.. I’m worried about you. Should I call Dr.Graham?”

“No! Whatever for? There’s nothing wrong.”

At 96, she was just tired, tired of living and she’d had enough.