Geoff raises the important issues around chain-style blog awards but also.. His ‘7 Things About Himself’ are so quintessentially British, I had to share them and him.

Oh, and he always makes me laugh! Thanks Geoff 😄xx


Anne Goodwin ( and Lisa Reiter ( have both nominated me for a blogging award. They are kind, delusional women. The award, The Versatile Blogger, is curated by WordPress ( and when Anne’s nomination appeared I was dumbfounded and probably a little terse in saying I didn’t deserve it. Then Lisa does the same and I say the same. I’ve only been blogging for five minutes (or so it seems).

versatile-bloggerBut let’s think what’s the problem here? Well, it’s not that I lack ego – anyone who’s known me long enough knows that’s not the issue. And while I have found out there are people who reject these awards for some good, as well as some cheap reasons, I don’t think that on balance they are somehow a bad thing.

It’s the fact I have to nominate 15 – yup, 15 – other bloggers for the award. That’s the dilemma. First…

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