Bite size memoir is designed to help anyone record some personal memoir in small manageable bites. There’s a prompt every week and some constraints to keep it small (with full details at the bottom of this post). To catch up on how it started, please read here. If you have your own blog and want to participate, please feel free to incorporate links to and from your post to encourage readers to blog hop.

This week’s prompt is Sports Day.

I might be taking a risk jumping to something a little more concrete this week after the Magic and Fairy Tales of last week, but taking my cue from the school calendar and remembering how I could run but not jump and a whole host of other things that bubble up when I think of Sports Day. For many of us this will take us right back to our own childhood and for others, more memories of our own children or grandchildren. If we get really lucky we might hear from the odd groundsman or teacher out there with different tales to tell.

In the UK, Sports Day is a summer school event mostly around track and field events – if it means something different to you, please go with whatever the prompt brings you.

As usual I’ve tackled it twice to provide examples but please don’t let my perspective influence what you remember.



I remember Sports Day

I remember four of us carrying long wooden benches to the field we weren’t normally allowed to play in, to sit on while we waited for our turn.

I remember wearing a green sash for the house I was in.

I remember balancing beanbags on our heads, jumping in sacks and three-legged races on bumpy grass.

I remember wooden trestle tables covered in plastic cups of weak orange squash.

I remember watching my egg so it didn’t fall out of the spoon.

I remember Mrs H, stop watch in hand, laughing because I ran 100m hurdles even faster than 100m flat!

I remember being amazed I was rubbish at high jump.

Later, I remember winning the Mum’s beanbag race and being ridiculously proud! (for years..)

I remember a Dad cheating to win by holding his egg with his thumb – that was you Stephen if you’re reading! Detention and disqualification still pending..

I remember it took a while for it to dawn on me how competitive I am because that wasn’t allowed for a long time.



Sports Day – 150 Words Prose

800m and 1500m were my distances. I ‘trained’ well, running around the village going somewhere fast or getting away from someone even faster! Legs Eleven was a nickname for a while.

There was sports day excited chatter on warm summer days. It never rained in those summers. The oval track on a field of grass, looked so inviting, trimmed short of its sunny daisies, with brilliant white painted lines. I still hear the wind in the trees and smell the grass on the breeze.

I hear the starters gun! And round I go, in front again with everything pounding. Exhilarated but hurting and tightening when all of this fades to black and I’m floating down.

Faces staring.

Soon after running again – on a treadmill at Great Ormond Street with wires stuck to my chest, feeling humiliated and embarrassed in my vest. Just a kinked aorta I’ll soon grow out of.


What do you remember ?



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