I remember laughing ’til it hurt, not able to get my breath with the tiny muscles between my ribs straining in complaint – I think of friends round a dinner table and a blue suit! I remember Dave telling the joke (although not what the joke was) – It was something about a man in a blue suit and it apparently needed telling in an Italian accent.

It was one of those ‘shaggy-dog’ stories with the regular reappearance of the man in the blue suit. “Da bloo-wa sue-et” and Dave was totally rubbish at the accent which was what was so funny. Unperturbed, he carried on despite our increasing mockery. For whatever reason this made the crowd of us laugh all the more.

Today is World Laughter Day and I wish I could share a good belly-laugh with you. For some things though, you have to be there to ‘get it’.

Dr. Madan Kataria who founded World Laughter Day encourages the practice and sharing of laughter through Laughter Yoga which is about practicing laughter without stimulus. The psychologist in me knows this is a great idea as the principle of acting “as if” (you are happy, confident, outgoing etc) will change your mood and performance in measurable ways. Deliberately laughing is one trick to try to improve your mood whenever you might need to. (I regularly practice this when my husband tells a joke..)

In the meantime, I still do love the props and prompts that generate a good chuckle! They’re an easy way to share a laugh. I keep my eye out for theatre, film and new comedy.

SeeHowTheyRunPress14WDsiteLast night we were at the Manchester Opera House to see a Reduced Height Theatre Company Production of the comedy farce “See How They Run” written by Philip King. I laughed ’til it hurt and (UK readers) if you can get to see it in their final week in Cardiff – I urge you to go and see a particularly talented and inspiring cast including actor/director Warwick Davis.

I love novelty in humour but I have some reliable repeaters – The ones that somehow retain their magic, even though I ‘know what’s coming’.

Indulging in a little list making, I thought I’d share these favourites and a laugh in celebration of World Laughter Day.

Funniest Comedian: Billy Connolly

Funniest Film: Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian” especially this Sketch

Funniest TV series: The Green Wing, Absolutely Fabulous, Father Ted
(I know there are three here and it’s totally cheating but the answer depends on my mood! Green Wing if I HAD to choose)

Funniest Sketch: Two Soups with Julie Walters

imagesFunniest Clip: Parrot Singing Gangnam Style – especially the phrase ‘sexy lady’

Funniest Philosphy: “100 years from now? All new people.” Anne Lamott

Feel free to share your favourites – I’m always ready for a laugh!



The very generous and talented Warwick Davis giving time and career advice to this aspiring young actor @MaxReiterActs
The very generous and talented Warwick Davis giving time and career advice to this aspiring young actor @MaxReiterActs