Wake up naturally (to avoid tampering with circadian rhythms)

Attach pedometer

Rush downstairs as its a bit late to start the day – Take aloe vera and probiotics for gut health

Drink cup of green tea for polyphenol content

Back upstairs – Body brush to stimulate skin to eliminate toxins


Rub rosemary oil onto body – improves memory and concentration.

Prepare and eat bowl of berries and other low-sugar fruits, with soya yoghurt and a tablespoon of seeds

Wash down Vitamin D3 capsule for immune function and bone density, Turmeric to reduce risk of inflammatory diseases, CoQ10 particularly for gum health and spoon of Omega 3 rich fish oil with glass of filtered water.

Clean teeth using non-dominant hand whilst standing on the opposite leg – to maintain balance and motor cortex.

Go for a brisk 30 minute walk to keep circulation to hippocampus and prefrontal cortex to prevent cognitive decline, as well as to the pelvic organs to prevent various cancers – not to mention benefits to endorphin levels and bone density.

Arrive home in a bit of a flap as by now its nearly 11am and have otherwise not achieved anything

Eat daily apple – Old Welsh proverb bares out with apples reducing cholesterol, blood pressure and cancer risk

Make cup of coffee with organic beans – benefits mood whilst helping prevent various cancers and dementia

Move bowels – check consistency and adjust day’s eating plans for fibre and vitamin C accordingly. Add or remove eggs as appropriate.

Sit at desk to begin work

Check emails, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedInto see if anything important is happening.

Get distracted by various articles and conversations.

12:30 Getting hungry. Decide may as well eat prepare lunch before starting work.

Rush to the kitchen to avoid wasting time. Catch sight of self passing mirror and admonish same self for drooping shoulders and otherwise slipping posture – add pilates to To Do list.

Power pose to counteract poor posture and reduce rising cortisol levels.

Prepare salad and salad dressing made with Omega 3 rich flaxseed oil and visceral fat reducing apple cider vinegar.

Include colourful array of fruits and vegetables to maximise intake of phytonutrients

Play games on iPad for some relaxation whilst eating lunch

Realise its now 2pm and still haven’t practiced mindfulness for improved concentration, immune function, stress relief, sleep and mood

Attempt half hour of mindfulness but grow anxious about the days priorities and find it difficult to concentrate.

Have trouble focusing on desk work so determine to tick “Iron 5 Items” off the To Do List.

3.30 Finally sit at desk. Chant the affirmation “I will avoid Twitter until 5pm” five times. Pull up article about overcoming procrastination for ideas on how to get started. Squirm about outstanding tasks.

Agonise over what to do next, as only 2½ hours before have to prepare dinner and begin evening relaxation so can sleep properly to ensure a productive day tomorrow

Stroke the cat to calm down. Notice second cat watching and stroke him the same number of times (they might be able to count and who knows what psychological difficulties any perceived favouritism might cause)

Sit at desk. Set alarm to remember to get up and move about every 20 minutes (avoid back problems, diabetes, cancer etc and all other negative health associations with long periods of sitting)

Finally do some work at desk.

Get thirsty. Make decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea – bergamot oil lifts mood.

Make good use of time while kettle boils – remove shoes and stand barefoot taking slow deep breaths to ground myself.

Go back to desk and remember I have to ring a few people to make sure I have a social life as well as work all day and arrange various lunch appointments.

Prepare dinner ensuring a mix of foods totalling 9 portions of fruit and veg a day, including one portion of pulses.

*Asparagus (anti-inflammatory, prevents heart and circulatory problems – contains flat which tames homocysteine and potassium)

*Carrots (carotenoids and betacarotene)

*Kale (dark leafy greens for anti carcinogenic sulforaphane ,Vitamin K and calcium)

*Lentils (B vitamins, protein and plenty of fibre)

Eat various fruits including pineapple and guava – contain proteolytic enzymes  to aid digestion and reduce inflammation in the body

Allow 2 squares of dark chocolate for brain, heart and skin enhancing flavanols

Third cat comes in. Give her a couple of strokes to lower my blood pressure. She gives me a dirty look – give her another few strokes – I must have miscounted and they’re psychic, right?

Upstairs to bed.

Clean teeth again using non-dominant hand whilst standing on the opposite leg – close eyes if this is proving too easy.

Check pedometer – step count 9781 – run up and down the stairs to get to 10,000 daily requirement for health benefits.

Take two minutes to stand barefoot taking slow deep breaths to ground myself after exersion.

Rub lavender oil over body (soporific to ensure a good night’s sleep) and dab olbas oil on nighty to ensure clear airways and prevent sleep apnea.

Get into bed, turn out lights.

Roll eyes towards eyebrows to encourage alpha brain waves for relaxation.

Despite this, still have trouble getting off to sleep wondering how other people get so much done.

Visualise being more organised and resolve to start afresh the next morning.